Newly opened online store for trimmings to the U.S. customers. This online store opens door to Japanese customers more than 15 years. Please enjoy the trimmings procured from Europe, Japan and the U.S.A. All shipments are domestic within the USA.

Sample information

About samples

Samples are available for interior trim (category "Trim").
When ordering trims for curtains, etc., we recommend that you order a sample first for color matching and material matching.

The price of the sample changes depending on the trim.
We will charge 5% of the product unit price (equivalent to 1 yard or 1m) + shipping fee + handling fee.

You can order up to 6 samples in one delivery.


Shipping and handling fees will notify you when you order. Plus, we will charge 5% of the product unit price (for 1 yard) as a sample fee.

    If you purchase the same product as the sample you ordered, we will refund the sample price (shipping and handling fees are not included).

    Regarding the refund of the sample price, when ordering the trim, please include the order number you used when ordering the sample and write "refund request".

    We accept orders via email

    For email:
    Please let us know the item number (model: ) of the desired trim.