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Key tassel (1 piece)

アイテム番号 Item No.: KT-TV001-PP

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Sales unit:
Tassel body length 15.5cm

Maximum diameter 3.5cm

Tassel length 9cm

String length around 10cm
reddish purple, sage, brown
Material not clear
Fabric pattern name:
Material: 100% cotton
Fabric width: 150cm
Width of one pattern 38cm
Made in England

Brightness is added to the reddish purple organza ribbon with a sage satin ribbon.

The threads on the tufts are brown, beige, sage, and a little pinkish.

Take a square (6 mm x 6 mm) chamfered transparent plastic ball measuring 3.5 cm long and 3 cm wide.

wrapped in antique decorations

A key tassel that feels fresh in the contrast between the lightness of the organza ribbon and the solid feeling of the decoration.

It's not as heavy as it looks, only 85g