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tassel fringe

アイテム番号 Item No.: TF-TW006-PT

Regular price $6.00

Sales unit *   37cm

It's 55cm long, but it's glued on the back, so once you put it on, you won't notice it, but the price is for the 37cm part without glue.

We will send 55cm.

size *  total length 6cm
Blade width 2cm
Tassel body length 2.6cm
Tassel spacing 3cm

Color * Dry grass color, Celadon color, Salmon pink, Off-white, Light beige

Material * Unknown

Category * Casual Plus

comment :

It is an elaborate and luxurious blade, and both the tassel and blade have a light pastel color and luster.
A tassel fringe with a gentle atmosphere, with a slightly unique tassel.
Adds character to curtains, cushions, bags and cartonnage creations.