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Tassel fringe (50cm)

アイテム番号 Item No.: TF-TV001-YRG

Regular price $12.00

Sales unit * 12~13 50cm tassels

size * Blade width 2.2cm
Fringe total length about 7cm including tassel and string
Tassel body length 5.5~6cm
Tassel maximum diameter 2.2cm

Color * Red, yellow, young leaf color

Material * 50% Rayon 50% Polyester

Category * Casual Plus

comment :

A velvet-like lustrous tassel made of 4mm wide ribbon and thread.

Although it has a sense of volume, it is a tassel fringe with the lightness of the ribbon fringe and the charm of the cute tassel.

Although it has a bright color scheme, it seems that it can be used for various purposes with a ribbon and thread in a subdued color.

It can be used for accessories such as earrings, key chains, and interior decoration.