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Rhinestone with tape (50cm)

アイテム番号 Item No.: CW-CE066-BK

Regular price $7.00

Sales unit * 50cm

size * Overall width 1.7cm
Rhinestone width 7mm
Tape width about 1cm
Rectangular rhinestone size 1 side 2mm

Color * Tape: Black Rhinestone

Material * 60% Polyester 30% Glass 10% Metal

Category * Premium

comment :

Two rows of small rhinestones and a little less than 1mm silver decoration are decorated in the gaps,
Fine, glittery rhinestones are tacked onto soft black grosgrain tape.

A calm and stylish blade tape with a contrast of black and silver.

You can decorate the collar and cuffs of your clothes, or attach it to a lampshade.

Black and white fabric name: SPRINGFIELD TOILE

Material: 100% cotton

Width of one pattern: 68.5cm repeat

Fabric width: 137cm