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vintage lace

アイテム番号 Item No.: VLL-CO111-BG

Regular price $4.00

Sales unit * Straight part 1m
Right angle part of the corner: 10 cm each on both ends

size *  Width 3.5cm
Width of one pile of scallops: about 2.3cm

Color * Light Cream Beige

Material * Unknown

Category * Vintage

comment *

Since it is sewn, it seems to have been used before.

Both ends are angled.

I don't see any stains, but the lace on the straight part is broken in places.
There are 3 cuts in 1m.
The straight part of the edge is 2 threads, but there are 6 places where it is 1 to 2 sho.
Please refer to the last image for the broken state.