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Bead fringe (30cm)

アイテム番号 Item No.: BD-TW010-MGN

Regular price $4.00

Sales unit * 30cm

The maximum length that can be handed over in one piece is 30 cm.
There is also a 20cm cut.
If you have any requests, please contact us.

Size * total length 2cm
blade width 8mm
Bead spacing 1cm~1.5cm
Bead diameter 7mm
Bead fringe length about 1.3cm

Color * Mist Green

Material *  75% acrylic 15% velvet 10% glass

Category *  premium

Comment * 

A mist green velvet ribbon, a thin braid with a zigzag pattern,
Bead fringe with mist green transparent beads and frosted glass beads.

Although it is a small bead decoration with a narrow blade width, it has an elegant atmosphere and presence.