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Bead fringe (50cm)

アイテム番号 Item No.: BD-TW027-BKW

Regular price $12.00

Sales unit *   50cm

size * total length 4cm
Blade width 1cm
Bead fringe length 3cm

Fringe spacing 1.5cm
Round bead diameter 1cm
Elongated Bead Width 9mm Length 1.3cm


Color * Black, translucent white

Material * Unknown

Category * Premium

comment *

A beautiful black velvet braid and a moderately voluminous beaded fringe.
It has a sophisticated and fashionable feel.

If you attach it to a curtain or curtain box, it looks like it will be nice and unique.
It's a nice velvet blade, so you can enjoy the presence of the blade by attaching it externally.