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Brush fringe (45cm)

アイテム番号 Item No.: BF-TA022-SP

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Sales unit:
Blade width 1.8cm

Width including fringe on blade 2.5cm

Tassel fringe length 5cm

Tassel body length 3-3.5cm

Tassel spacing 3.5~4cm

Brush fringe length 6cm
Overall length 8cm
cream color old rose green
Material 50% rayon, 50% viscose
Fabric pattern name:
Material: 100% cotton
Fabric width: 137cm
Width of one pattern: Length 72cm Width 34cm
Fabric pattern name:
LA1189-39 (LAURA ASHLEY) (green flower pattern on beige ground)
Material: 90% cotton 10% linen
Fabric width: 137cm
Width of one pattern: Length 23cm Width 23cm
A bright cream-colored blade with a calm old rose

A green color that looks like a darkened mellow matcha color.

Cute and fun color tassel fringe

The brush fringe thread is less, so it is light.