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Velvet Pink Rose Bouquet (1 bundle )

アイテム番号 Item No.: FL-CX024-PK

Regular price $10.00

Sales unit:
1 bundle

6 roses 2 leaves

Width of open rose 3.5-4cm

Open rose height 3-3.5cm

Bud width around 2cm

Bud height around 3cm

Leaf 5cm x 3cm

Stem length 13cm (10.5cm from bundling)

Bundled bouquet size 10cm x 8cm (Size will vary depending on flower arrangement)

Gradation of frosting pink and baby pink

Material not clear


Bouquet of pale pink glazeation roses

The leaves are firmly shaped, but the outside of the leaves has a soft, velvety texture.
Leaf veins are also shaped

The inside of the flower in full bloom and the outside of the bud are artificial flowers made of thin velvet-like fabric.