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Jacquard ribbon towel hanger

Posted by KodamaMiyuki on

I made a kitchen island towel rail with a sturdy jacquard ribbon.

The towel does not slip off, making it easier to work in the kitchen.

And the color and pattern of the jacquard ribbon will heal you.


The mustard yellow ribbon matched the color of the island's trees.



how to make

You can sew by machine or by hand.


Considering the size of the drawer handle, determine the length and sew.

It's easier to put a towel in if it hangs down a little.


For a neater finish, spread out the seams and iron them.


Turn it inside out, center the seam, and decide where to hang it on the handle.

Sew the looped part.


Align the two ribbons together and sew the ends together.





I used this USA Ribbon jacquard woven ribbon.

You can make it with different ribbons to change the mood when you are in the kitchen.