Newly opened online store for trimmings to the U.S. customers. This online store opens door to Japanese customers more than 15 years. Please enjoy the trimmings procured from Europe, Japan and the U.S.A. All shipments are domestic within the USA.

About shipping and returns

about shipping cost

Shipping and handling fees are included in the price of 500 yen nationwide.
For overseas orders other than Japan, the same amount of 500 yen will be charged as the shipping fee.
In addition, shipping is free for purchases of 10,000 yen or more.
Please contact us for shipping within the US.

About mailing

All items will be shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service).
Normally, it will be delivered within 1-2 weeks from the shipping date.
In the case of regular US mail, the delivery time varies from 5 days to around 1 month depending on the postal situation.
Also, during the year-end and New Year holidays, the Japanese customs office will be closed for a long period of time, so it will not be possible to clear customs for mail, and delivery in January is expected to be after the middle of the month.

If the delivery date is fixed, if you cannot wait for delay due to overseas postal circumstances,
We recommend shipping by US Postal EMS (Express) or UPS.
Please bear the shipping fee.
EMS is 9,000 yen, and UPS is expected to be around 5,000 yen, depending on the weight.

In the case of shipment by ordinary mail, we can only track within the United States, and after that, we cannot track overseas, so please understand.
However, there is no need to worry about non-delivery, as we will take responsibility for handling and guaranteeing the product until it is delivered to the customer.

About orders from overseas

We also accept orders from overseas other than Japan.
Prices are converted from Japanese Yen notation. Please contact us for payment method.

About orders from within the United States

Please contact us as both the product price and the shipping fee will be paid in US dollars.

About returns

Defective product We take the utmost care in packaging and shipping, but in the unlikely event that the product is damaged, missing, or is different from what you ordered, we will exchange the product or issue a refund.
Returns In the case of a return due to customer's convenience, we will refund the product price for the unused product, but we will charge the actual shipping cost for delivery from the United States and the product return.
Deadline for returns Please notify us by email within 7 days of receiving the product, clearly specifying the order number, product number, defective part, etc. After that, we cannot accept returns or returns after cutting by the customer, so please check the product immediately after receiving it.
return method Please return the product by ordinary mail within 7 days after receiving the return confirmation email.
We will ship the replacement product as soon as we receive the returned product.

If you return a defective product for exchange, we will refund the shipping cost after the product arrives.
In addition, we cannot accept returns before the return confirmation email from our store arrives, so please be sure to wait for contact from our store before returning the item.

Feel free to contact us with any questions

About imported goods

1. Customs duties

All products will be delivered directly to the customer from the United States and will be imported personally.

Exceeding a certain amount may incur customs duties. In the case of "regular" purchases by individual customers at our shop, we think that there is little concern about customs duties, but in the unlikely event that customs duties are likely to be imposed, we will contact you before shipping.

Customs duty varies depending on the item, but you can think of it as paying the consumption tax in Japan and the United States.

The amount you are purchasing does not include consumption tax in both the United States and Japan. Please understand that customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.

2. About product prices and exchange rates

In order to reduce the burden on the customer on the price of imported goods, we have set the exchange rate as low as possible. Depending on exchange rate fluctuations, we may change the price of each product and shipping fee. Please note that product prices are subject to price reductions and price increases without prior notice.

In addition, the price at the time of the customer's order will be as set.