Newly opened online store for trimmings to the U.S. customers. This online store opens door to Japanese customers more than 15 years. Please enjoy the trimmings procured from Europe, Japan and the U.S.A. All shipments are domestic within the USA.


◆ There are 3 types of trim: casual, casual plus and premium.

Premium has a more solid and luxurious feel, and the price is higher than casual, but the quality is good.
Casual clothes are reasonably priced and can be easily used for everyday items.
Please choose according to your purpose.

◆ Please refer to "How to choose a trim" and "Samples" in the corner for first-time users.

Regarding sales unit display
The sales unit is displayed in parentheses to the right of the product name.

All metric figures will be converted to yards and inches soon.

1m = 1 yard 3.4"       50cm = 19 5/8"
1cm = 10mm        1cm ≒ 7/16"
1"= 2.54cm

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