Newly opened online store for trimmings to the U.S. customers. This online store opens door to Japanese customers more than 15 years. Please enjoy the trimmings procured from Europe, Japan and the U.S.A. All shipments are domestic within the USA.


Introduction of the shop

The decoration in the room, the trim that helps you create such a room where you can hear each conversation, why not sprinkle a little of the essence of American interior on your one and only work.

We would like to introduce the trim fringe tassels that you can enjoy the limitless variety of colors and designs that match your life in Japan. Handicraft materials and accessory items indispensable for interior and handicrafts. . . I would be happy if I could help you create works with trims, fringe tassels, laces and ribbons.

In order to create a treasure chest of ideas for handmade patchwork and cartonnage, we also try to collect products that add original splendor.

Beginner's Guide

The trim is labeled casual and premium.

Premium is more solid and luxurious, and the price is higher than casual, but the quality is good. For premium, we chose Trim's top brand products, and even if the price is not expensive, we have selected products that are not inferior in quality to top brand products. Casual clothes are reasonably priced and can be easily used for everyday items. Please choose according to your purpose.

All our products are available in the USA, but most of them are designed in the USA and manufactured in China, India, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and Europe. Please understand that there is a possibility of production in other countries other than the United States.

In general, overseas products are more sloppy than Japanese products, but we hope you will enjoy the designs and colors. We pay close attention to shipping and strive to ensure quality, but please be aware that quality is not as uniform as it is made in Japan.

There are many colors and styles that cannot be introduced in the store. We will search for colors and styles according to your requests, so please email us with your desired price and your request. It is also possible to send photos and samples.

How to choose trim

The quality and design of the trim changes depending on the material.
In general, standard trims have a high proportion of acrylic, polyester, and cotton trims have a warm, everyday feel, and many of these are washable.

When it comes to high-end trim, the ratio of rayon and silk increases, giving it a light and brilliant luster. Laundry will be dry cleaning. If you remember the difference in the material of clothes, it also applies to the trim.

Delicate items like tassel fringe are recommended to be dry cleaned or removed and washed separately, whether casual or premium.

This difference in material is reflected in the amount, type, and price of the thread used. We recommend that you choose a trim that matches the high-end fabric.

If you match the atmosphere of the room, the place where it is used, and the texture of the material, any trim can be used regardless of the price and quality of the trim. We will introduce materials that will expand your ideas and create a comfortable room.