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Pincushions and vintage buttons made with yo-yo quilts

Posted by KodamaMiyuki on

I decorated a tomato pincushion made with a jumbo yo-yo quilt maker with a finished size of 90cm with vintage buttons and resin rose buttons.

The tomatoes with leaves were pretty on their own, but the button changes the atmosphere and makes it even more lively.

Tomato pincushion made with yo-yo quilt and vintage buttons

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The finished size of Yoyo Quilt Maker is 90mm, while the leaf size is 5.3cm in diameter.

The tomato pincushion without buttons is also adorable.


  it is  you can see how to make the yo-yo quilt pincushion on the website below.



I added various vintage buttons.

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The resin rose buttons are also gorgeous and cute.

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Vintage buttons from the early days of plastic transport you to a retro world.

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