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Blue and Ivory Key Tassel (1)

Item No.: KT-TE003-BBM

Regular price $18.00

Sales unit *  1 piece


Size *     Tassel length 14cm
       String length 13cm
       Tassel hem diameter 6.5cm
       3.5cm in diameter of the part of the center loop decoration


Color *    Blue off-white


Material *  polyester


Category *  casual plus


Comment * 

A key tassel with a simple and stylish design.

It is a two-tone color of blue and beige that will freshen up your room.

The refreshing colors of dark blue and ivory match any place.

It has a wide hem and presence, making it perfect for interior decorations that create a Western-style atmosphere, such as furniture, door handle decorations, and tea box decorations.

Why not decorate your room with a key tassel that combines elegance and personality?