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White Venetian Lace Daisy (1m)

アイテム番号 Item No.: VL-CD022-WT

Regular price $5.00

Sales unit *   1m

size * Lower flower 2.8cm high x 3.8cm wide

Top flower 3cm x 3cm

1 cm wide lace connecting the flowers

2.5cm between upper flowers

Color * White

Material * 100% Rayon

Category * Casual

comment :

The daisy lace below is connected,

The upper lace has a three-dimensional effect with the upper lace flower attached to the lace band between the lower flowers.

Rayon lace that feels like gauze

It is wonderful even if I make the decoration of the border and the neck circumference,

The lace is connected with a 1cm wide band, so it can be used as a string decoration for tank tops, etc.

Please wash in cold water.

Do not dehydrate or use a dryer, squeeze lightly and dry naturally.