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rick rack (150cm)

アイテム番号 Item No.: RR-CK002-P

Regular price $3.00

Sales unit:
Ribbon width 2.2cm
Mountain path vertical width 3.6cm
5.2 cm between each peak (the distance from the tip of the peak to the tip of the next peak)
Fabric pattern name:
Material: 100% cotton
Fabric width: 137cm
Width of one pattern Length: 8 cm Width: 8 cm
Please contact us for fabric orders.
This size that can only be done in America
It is a wide and super jumbo size rick rack with a strong presence.
A rick rack that looks like a half-face in the opening of the bag and makes you think of waves
Put a ribbon on the rick rack and decorate it gorgeously,
It's fun to think about how you can use it because it's jumbo size.

Because it is a strong ribbon, it can also be used as a mark for suitcases.