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Ribbon loop fringe (50cm/1m)

SKU: LF-TS009-TB_50C

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Sales unit * 50cm or 1m

Please select a length.
If you wish to purchase over 1m:
Combine 50cm and 1m.
I will give you one piece of length.


Size * Total length 5cm
Ribbon loop length 4.5cm
Ribbon width 15mm


Color * Peacock Blue


Material *  not clear


Category *  premium


Comment * 

Fluffy ribbon loop fringe.

A soft and slightly luxurious fringe that makes it easy to create an atmosphere for cushions, handbags, etc.

As it is received with the end of the loop closed,
After untying the thread, ironing or using a steamer will make it fluffier.

Manufactured in the USA.