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Rose lace ruffle trim (50cm)

アイテム番号 Item No.: LB-CX019-CR

Regular price $9.00

Sales unit:

The sales unit is 50cm,

I will cut it at a good place to separate the roses,

5cm to 10cm plus length

Net lace width 9cm

Ruffle width 5~6cm

Flower spacing 3cm~6cm
Flower height about 2cm x width about 1.5cm~5.5cm x height about 1.5cm~3.5cm


Material: not clear

casual plus

Various sizes of raschel lace roses that seem to be made at will

It is a trim with a gentle atmosphere decorated with uncut cloth.

From buds that have just started to swell to roses that are in full bloom, the sizes are all different.

Not exactly the same rhythmic trim, but

Spacious trim with a soft, natural feel