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4.5cm wide red raschel lace (3yds)


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Sales unit *      3 yards


Size *              Width 4.5cm


Color :            Signal Red


Material *   100% polyester


Category *   casual


Comment * 

This is a Victorian-style Russell lace with a vintage and elegant feel.

The signal red colored lace has a vintage feel and is a pretty and familiar color.


It can be easily folded in the middle of the two center lines.

Fold it to create layered lace,
You can also thread yarn or stretch thread through the center to create ruffled lace.

The lace has a nice tension, making it easy to create ruffle shapes.


With a variety of ideas, this lace can be transformed into many different shapes.

They can be used as porch decorations, children's clothing ornaments, hair accessories, wicker basket ornaments, placemats, and hand towels to create a pretty, slightly vintage look.

You can create your own original frills and decorate them in various places, so the ideas are endless.

It also goes well with quilts that use feed sacks.