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Bicolor green French braid trim (2 yrds)


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Sales unit *   2 yards


Size *         Width   1/2"  (1.2cm)


Color *          Spinach green/leaf green


Material *    100% polyester


Category *    Casual Plus


Comment :

This is a braid trim that is attractive for its moderate luster and flexibility.

This braid has leaf patterns on both ends and the center, and comes in two different tones of green: spinach green (dark green) and leaf green (light green).

The twisted cords on both sides look gorgeous.

The braid is made of a soft and flexible material that feels soft to the touch.


Perfect for cartonnage, quilts, and border decorations on cross-stitch projects.

Add a positive touch to your work with its stylish design and high-quality materials, making it even more appealing.