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Colorful tassel fringe trim (1yd)


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Sales unit *        1 yard


Size *    Total length:      1  15/16"  (5cm)
      Braid width:       13/16"  (2.1cm)
      Tassel length:     1"  (2.5cm)
      Tassel spacing:   3/4"  (2cm)


Color *   Braid: White
       Orange / Light Blue


Material *       100% polyester


Category *       Casual


Comment :

This is a casual craft style tassel fringe braid, but the braid decoration is well designed and embroidered carefully with detailed stitches.

The geometric pattern on the braid does not protrude from the width of the braid and has a uniform and clean stitch pattern without any disturbance.

The color scheme of the braid is well-balanced, and the base color is selected to create a comfortable visual appearance, resulting in a stylish color scheme.

A small, casual tassel fringe with colorful and cute colors that will catch the eye and make a pretty decoration in any place.

A soft-touch braid tape that is ideal for hand-sewing or sewing by machine, making hand-sewing work comfortable.


Perfect as a room accent or bag accessory.

You can enjoy the colorful and adorable atmosphere.

Tassel braids are recommended when you want to make something cute.

The combination of orange and blue is often seen on retro products.


All tassels will be inspected and delivered to you in good condition.