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Jen Kingwell-Patchwork Scrap Fabric (1 pack)


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Sales unit *      1 pack of 17 patterns
                          and colors in various widths


Size *     Length     13"  (33cm)
                  Width      15/16"~7 11/16"  (2.4cm~19.5cm)


Material *     100% cotton


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Original fabric scraps by Australian textile and quilt artist Jen Kingwell.

Jen Kingwell herself is involved in selecting and cutting the scrap fabrics.

Jen Kingwell's fabrics and quilts have a unique charm that evokes the sea breeze, the breeze of the earth, and a life rooted in the earth.


Just by adding a little bit of this fabric to your quilt, you can feel the lifestyle of Jen Kingwell, who has captivated many people in America.