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Celadon green key tassel (1)


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Sales unit *  1 piece


Size *    Total length of tassel body   5 15/16"
      Tassel length   3 3/4"
      Maximum diameter  1 9/16"
      Rope length   4 1/8"


Color *    Celadon Green/Yellow


Material *  58% viscose, 30% rayon, 12% wood


Category *  premium


Comment * 

It has 4 spaghetti spiral hanging decorations that look like 2 rows of candy.

Pastel shades of green and yellow and matching tassels brighten up any room.


The old-fashioned key tassel has a cute and playful touch, and is perfect for furniture, door handle decoration, and tea box decoration.

Please try it as an interior accent to create a Western-style atmosphere.