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Key tassel (1 piece)


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Sales unit *  1 piece


Size *   Total length of tassel body   3 1/8"  (8cm)
     Tassel length   2.5"  (6-6.5cm)
     Tassel diameter   1 1/16"  (2.7cm)
     Tassel head cord width   1/16"  (2mm)
     Rope diameter   1/8"  (3mm)
     Rope length   3 1/8"  (8cm)


Color *    Red, Green, Rustic Yellow, Brick Color


Material *  100% cellulose acetate (cotton)


Category *  premium


Comment * 

A voluminous 8 cm key tassel with a rounded head and plenty of thread on the fringe.

It features an elegant design that neatly assembles 4 cords, and can be used in a variety of situations, such as attaching it to a tea box decoration, bag charm, key holder, decorating a cupboard, furniture handle, or decorating the four corners of a cushion. active in

By adding a casually elegant accent, you can create a stylish look that stands out from the rest. Perfect for yourself or as a gift for someone special.