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Pink and brown key tassel (1)


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Sales unit *    1 piece


Size *  Total length of tassel body   5 15/16"  (15cm)
    Tassel length    3 9/16"  (9cm)
    Tassel diameter    1 31/32"  (5cm)
    Rope diameter    3/16"  (5mm)
    Rope length    4 5/16"  (11cm)


Color *    Bronze


Material *  69% acetate, 25% plastic, 4% cotton, 2% synthetic


Category *  premium


Comment * 

The combination of pink and brown is a key tassel full of luxury that enhances cute elegance.


Ideal for decorating furniture, door handles, tea boxes, etc. to create a Western-style atmosphere.

It's solidly built and has a light, luxurious feel, and is recommended for those who want to add an elegant accent to their home.