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Quilt binding bias tape (4 yds)


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Sales unit *     4 yards

Size *          1 1/4"  (3cm)  wide in half
                      Unfolded, width  2.5"  (6cm)


Color *          White Black


Material *    100% premium cotton


Category * Casual Plus

  • Comment *

    A 100% cotton bias tape that gives you the feel and tension of high-quality cotton.

    It is folded in half and has a nice crease.

    It's wide enough to be used as an accent (less than 3cm finished), and you can enjoy the pattern as well.

    This is the most popular pattern from this American manufacturer. The classic black and white striped pattern makes the piece stand out.


    This bias tape will upgrade your handmade projects, and is also perfect for binding quilt projects.