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Strawberry red and pink cord braid (1yd)


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Sales unit *    1 yard

Size *   Braid width    1  3/4"  (4.5cm)
       Loop width    13/16"  (2cm)


Color *        Strawberry red, pink, silver


Material *      Unknown


Category *      Casual Plus


Comment *

The cord braid has a cute combination of strawberry red and pink, and the silver cord has glitter threads in it, giving it a faint sparkle.

The wide  1  3/4"  (4.5cm) allows you to boldly decorate it, so why not add a touch of glamor and elegance to your everyday items?

Recommended for those who are looking for a work that is a little eye-catching and shows individuality.
The wide, unique cord blade allows you to create unique creations.

Whether you use it as a decoration for your handmade bag, decorate the handle, or wrap people around the vase, the usual vase will change the atmosphere.