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Stretch lace tape with pearls (1yd)

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Sales unit *   1 yard

Size *    Black: Width 13/16”  (2cm)    
                    Pearl diameter 1/8"  (3mm)

                White: Width 11/16”  (1.7cm)  
                    Pearl diameter 1/8"  (3.5mm)


Color *    Black: Black, Pearl, Silver

                ● White: White, Pearl, Silver

                 Please choose a color.


Material *       Unknown


Category *      Casual Plus


Comment *

An elegant trim with pearl beads lined up at 1/4" to 3/8" intervals in the center of the stretch lace-like tape.

It's stretchy so it's easy to attach to clothes.
Although it is washable, we recommend hand washing as it has pearl beads.

The colors are black and white.

Black is
Black pearl beads are lined up at intervals of 3/16" to3/8"  (5mm to 1cm) in the center of the tight stretch lace-like trim.
The black beads are the same color as the black lace, so you won't have to worry about variations in the spacing.

White is
It is softer to the touch than black, has a dense lace pattern, and is narrower than black.
Pearls are slightly larger than black, so the beauty and shine of the pearls stand out.
Rather than the pearls being evenly distributed, it feels like the pearls are scattered at intervals of 3/16" to3/8"  (5mm to 1cm) , giving a sense of movement.