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Tassel fringe (13.75")


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Selling unit *   13.75"


Size *    Total length    2  9/16"  (6.5cm)
                       Braid width:    9/16"  (1.5cm)
                       Tassel length    1  3/16" String    13/16" 
                                                             (3cm x 2cm)
                        assel spacing:    1  3/16"  (3cm)
                        Length of fringe between tassels:    5/8"  (1.6cm)


color *    Red/Green


Material *  not clear


Category *      casual


Comment *  

It's a small tassel fringe.

Shiny and non-shiny threads are mixed in a well-balanced way.

This is a cute tassel fringe with alternating red (light adobe) tassels and tassels made from a mixture of green and lemon-colored threads.